Fire Response

Whether you own a retail outlet, a large industrial unit, or office premises, a speedy response to a fire alarm that has triggered can make the real difference in the face of a potential disaster. As well as fire alarms, other alarms including CCTV and intruder alarms can all be attended by trained and experienced security personnel from WN.

Our team are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they are trained to respond appropriately to all calls. Whether the appropriate response is to liaise with emergency services without entering the premises, or to attend and reset an alarm, you can be assured of a reliable and effective service.

The Process

If your system is monitored and one of your alarms activates, it will trigger an alert at your dedicated monitoring station. The monitoring station then notifies us as your dedicated key holders and the closest patrol will be alerted, provided with details, and sent to your site. The patrol will check for signs of smoke or fire. If any signs are detected they will call and liaise with the emergency services, without entering the premises. This is not only done for security purposes, but to ensure that fire crews can ascertain exactly what is required on arrival. If there is no sign of smoke or fire, the security patrol can check inside the property before the alarm is reset and the building left secure. 

A full digital report is then emailed to you in real time as our officer leaves. 

Alarm Types

Fire alarms are only one type of alarm that WN can respond to. Obviously, it is important that smoke and fire alarms receive a rapid response, in order to try and prevent the spread of fire and further damage to your premises and property. Industrial units have monitoring equipment that is often linked to other alarm systems and you can arrange with our security team how to handle specific types of alarm.

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