Manned Guarding

WN provides manned guarding solutions for businesses across the Northwest. Our static guarding can be used with retail and commercial businesses, provide full time security where required, and maintain a visual and obvious presence on commercial sites and premises. All our security officers are trained and licenced, have been thoroughly background checked to provide greater peace of mind for you and your employees.

Visible Security Presence

Manned security guarding provides you with a visible security presence at your premises. You can use this security presence to protect employees, yourself, and your stock and inventory. More importantly, a visible presence will deter a lot of potential and thieves and will even put off unscrupulous employees that might be otherwise tempted to take stock and inventory.

Roles And Responsibilities

Security guards can offer an open and close service, unlocking the premises in a morning and welcoming employees. They can close and lock up at the end of the day, ensuring that alarm systems are operational and working again. Our officers can then carry out random patrols of your site to your specification.

Preventative Security

Preventative security can eliminate theft and burglary, and other forms of stock shrinkage and loss. However, not all forms of damage and loss can be prevented in this way. Antisocial crimes, such as violence and vandalism, may not be prevented, while certain types of events and location are more prone to violent and drunken crimes. Security guards can help to ally some of these problems, and WN’s fully trained security officers are skilled in dealing with these types of crime.

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