Holiday Season Security

We are well and truly in the holiday season and many families are taking a hard earned break from work to spend time away with loved ones. Although it’s the done thing to take that snap of awesome sunset, or the family enjoying a meal, have you thought about the implications that post could bring? […]

Tips to keep your business secure

Reducing the risk of a break-in is an important aspect of business security.  Here are several ways to help minimise the chances of a break-in: Install a security system: Invest in a reliable security system that includes an alarm, motion sensors, and CCTV cameras. Make sure the system is professionally monitored and prominently display signs […]

Key Holding Plans

WN Security Services is always looking for ways to ease the strain on the budgets of our customers. This is why we’ve developed plans to make paying for you key holding and alarm response services simple. You can choose from 4 plans that we have developed that cater for every budget.     platinum plan […]

Benefits of Key Holding

When you start to unfold the security industry as a whole, you can very easily misinterpret what providers can actually do for your business. With system providers, its seems straight forward. You need an intruder system, a CCTV set-up or a fire alarm and that’s what you get. A fully working and maintained system…. Perfect! […]

Corporate Man Slaughter

Corporate manslaughter, also known as corporate homicide or corporate killing, refers to the act of a corporation or organisation causing the death of a person due to their negligence, gross negligence, or a serious management failure. This is a criminal offense that can be charged against a company or organisation, and can result in significant […]