Benefits of Key Holding

When you start to unfold the security industry as a whole, you can very easily misinterpret what providers can actually do for your business. With system providers, its seems straight forward. You need an intruder system, a CCTV set-up or a fire alarm and that’s what you get. A fully working and maintained system…. Perfect!

But what happens once you’ve had these systems installed to protect your business?

Who listens or responds to them?

As a security service provider, we can deliver exactly what is required to get the best out of your systems without putting yourselves or your staff at risk!

You may have heard of key holding and know what it is…. Brilliant, that’s great…. you’re half way there…. but do you understand entirley and do you appreciate the benefits?

Key Holding

Key holding is a specialist service that tags onto the back of your systems packages. If you have intruder alarm monitoring, we can work with your system. If you have CCTV monitoring, we can help there too. We even respond to fire alarm activations.

Now you may think “why would i need a key holing service if the police or fire service will respond to my alarms?” and in short, they don’t! The police will only attend confirmed alarms and only if they can logistically deploy officers…. So, even if you pay for police response as an extra, it’s not gaurenteed, and when they get there, how do they get in? Also, three false alarms and they strike you off! The same goes for fire! but they don’t make you pay for response…. they may however fine you for false alarms.

If this has peaked your interest, read on!

So let us explain key holding as a whole.

It simply means that we hold a set of keys to your premises, putting our team of highly trained response officers in a perfect position to directly respond on your behalf.

Minimise Risk

One of the first benefits of using a key holder is that you don’t have to respond to an alarm or incident in yourself. Not only is there an aspect of convenience to this, but it also reduces risk to you or your staff. If an alarm activates at your premises, and you respond in person, you could literally be walking into a highly hostile enviroment or situation. Not only is this likely to be something you or staff members are equipped or trained to deal with, but consider the possibility that an alarm could be deliberately triggered to lure you to the premises.

Alarm response officers have had appropriate training to deal with any situation they encounter, confidently, calmly and proffesionally. As trained professionals, they can respond, enter your property, evaluate the risk and deal with any situation effectively, liaising with emergency services if required.


Whatever your circumstances, no matter where you are, or what you might be doing, you are covered 24 hours a day.

If you allow your key holding to be covered by your employees, their response and availability may not be guaranteed. Whether you are on holiday, having a night off, or simply unavailable, using a proffesional key holder means all alarms are resoponded to 365 days a year.

Cost Effectivness

Another key benefit of having a key holder in place is the reduction in insurance premiums. Many insurance companies now offer discounts for companies that enlist third party key holding companies.

There are many random numbers thrown about when the discussion of cost is brought up. The cost to retain the service is normally around £350.00 per year (less than £1 per day) and call out charges vary from £40.00 – £55.00 dependent on provider.

It would make sense when creating a cash flow forecast to include these costs as part of running the business. Nobody wants all their hard work and effort detroyed by criminals and opportunists.

If you’d like a chat about key holding services and how it could help your business, please get in touch……….